When starting the process of building a new home, it’s important to consider a few things, even from the very beginning, before the design process begins.

The most critical part of any project is to establish a realistic budget. This is important as it determines what you can and can’t include in your home design. We often recommend preparing a budget for unexpected expenses, as anything can happen.

If you’re building from scratch you might have the opportunity to create a 2-storey home. The decision is yours. This can be determined by the land that you are building on, sometimes it’s easier to build a single storey home. If you have views to see, a two-storey home can make a huge difference. Alternatively, you can build a raised home, leaving the underneath available as an option to build underneath in the future.

When deciding what to do with your design, it’s important to consider the functionality of it. Whilst a design you found on Instagram looks amazing it might not translate as well to your home and how you’ll use it. You’ll also need to consider the longevity of the design. Simply following trends can lead to your home ageing quickly.

Similar to ensuring the functionality of your home, you should also think about your current lifestyle. Are you an entertainer who often hosts guests? Then a spacious living area and open kitchen might suit you. Perhaps you work from home, then an office space will be required. The beauty of designing a new home is the ability to create the space that you need. You should establish what you need from your home. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
Whatever you’re wanting, we can work with you to create the perfect home.

Rules and Regulations
Above everything else, knowing the rules and regulations is a crucial factor when it comes to building a home. Our team is familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding new builds, renovations and everything in between. Different rules apply to different home styles, so we understand that it can become complicated.

We can help you throughout this process, contact us today!